16 best dirt bike boots for trail riding in 2022

16 best dirt bike boots for trail riding in 2022

Alpinestars Tech 3 Enduro

These boots are made of durable and lightweight microfiber shell. The calf, shin and heel are padded with TPU panels for protection from impacts. The boot has a removable liner that is washable in machine-wash temperatures up to 30 degrees Celsius or 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

There is an integrated TPU toe slider and shift pad on the front of the boot while there’s a TPU rear calf guard as well as TPU side panels which increase protection around your ankle when riding over uneven terrain.

Alpinestars Men’s Tech 3 Motocross Boot

The Alpinestars Men’s Tech 3 Motocross Boot offers advanced protection, making it a top choice for trail riding. It has a durable design and is made from high-quality materials, providing you with a comfortable fit.

The boot also has a reasonable price and unique design, which makes it stand out from other products on the market. These features make this product ideal for all types of riders who want to enjoy their time off-road without worrying about anything happening to them or their bikes.

Fox Racing 2020 Comp Boots

Fox Racing Comp Boots

Fox has a pretty good reputation in the world of dirt bike boots. The 2020 Comp Boots are worth a look if you’re looking for something that’s roomy and comfortable, but still protective. They’re made from injection-molded plastic plates, aluminum buckles, and a rubber sole. The upper is made from flexible materials to accommodate your ankle’s natural movement without sacrificing support or protection during stunt riding or racing.

The footbeds have been designed with a supportive arch that helps transfer force between your feet and the pedals—which means less fatigue and stress on your knees over long periods of time (read: hours).

O’Neal 0346-208 Sierra Pro Men’s Boot

The O’Neal 0346-208 Sierra Pro Men’s Boot is a good all-around dirt bike boot. It has a waterproof design and a full grain leather upper that makes it durable enough for trail riding as well as other outdoor activities. The boot also has an EVA footbed, which is comfortable and supportive. In addition to this, the sole of this boot has been designed with non-slip treads—something you might want on your boots if you’re riding in wet conditions where traction can be tricky.

The liner of this shoe is breathable mesh material that helps keep your feet cool and dry, even when wearing them for long periods of time in warm weather conditions or while going uphill on steep trails; however, this breathability comes at the expense of warmth during winter rides (especially if you ride without socks). To address this issue, there are insulated versions available that come with removable insoles made from polyurethane foam insulation—perfect for cold winter days when additional warmth is needed!

The other major benefit offered by these boots comes from their steel toe caps: they provide excellent protection against impact hazards like rocks while trail riding because they’re designed to withstand up to 200 joules per shock load without deforming or losing their shape over time (in comparison: most industrial safety shoes only offer 60 joules per shock load).

Alpinestars 3410-1490 Corozal Adventure Drystar Men’s Motorcycle Touring Boots

These boots are waterproof and oil resistant, making them ideal for riding in wet conditions. They have a lace closure system to secure the fit around your ankles, and a leather upper that won’t slip when you’re on the move. The toe shift pads are reinforced with a protective hard shell that can help prevent damage to your boots while riding on rough terrain.

The Corozal boots have a Drystar membrane that helps keep you dry inside, even if you’ve been exposed to rain or water. The ankle support offers good protection from accidents, while the reinforced toe box and shin plate offer extra protection for high impacts.

Alpinestars Mens Belize Drystar Oiled Leather Boot

The Alpinestars Mens Belize Drystar Oiled Leather Boot is a great option if you’re looking for an affordable boot that will protect your feet while riding. It features full grain leather upper and a drystar waterproof and breathable membrane, which is tough enough to withstand the elements without compromising comfort or safety.

The Alpinestars exclusive rubber compound sole gives you excellent grip, so you can maneuver around obstacles on the trail with ease. The replaceable toe sliders help prevent damage to your boots in case of an accident; multi-density ankle disks provide flexibility in key areas where needed; anti-twist shank provides support for the foot and ankle; lace hooks allow for easy lacing; reflective details increase visibility during low light conditions.

FLY Racing Maverik Boots for Motocross

The FLY Racing Maverik Boots for Motocross are made of leather and plastic. The boots have an inner ankle protection that keeps your feet safe during accidents. The sole is soft, which allows you to move quickly on dirt bikes.

The toes box is wide enough to allow you to walk comfortably in the boots while they offer you a comfortable fit at all times.

The shin plate and heel protection are reinforced so that they can withstand impacts without breaking or being damaged too easily while riding bikes on rugged terrain. The buckle strap is replaceable if it breaks or becomes damaged at some point during use.

Gaerne Balance Pro-Tech Boots

Gaerne Balance Pro-Tech Boots are great for trail riding because they are lightweight, durable and comfortable. They also offer great protection and water resistance.

The boot is constructed from a reinforced nylon material which makes it very lightweight. The upper part of the boot also has a mesh lining to provide good ventilation when riding in warm weather.

These boots are available in three different sizes for men and women so finding your perfect fit shouldn’t be an issue at all. For example if you wear size UK 8 then you would want to order size 39 (7).

These boots come with a one year warranty which shows that Gaerne believes in its product quality enough to stand behind it 100%.

Alpinestars Men’s Tech 7 Enduro Motocross Boot

The Alpinestars Men’s Tech 7 Enduro Motocross Boot is an adventure boot that offers all day comfort, wear resistance and durability. It features a full grain leather and micro fiber upper construction to provide protection from harsh weather conditions.

The breathable micro fiber upper also helps regulate temperature so your feet stay comfortable while you ride. A breathable micro fiber panel on the medial side provides added ventilation for added comfort during long rides in hot weather conditions, while composite textile material in the heel area provides additional support and stability when riding off-road bikes on rough terrain.

O’Neal Men’s New Logo Rider Boot

This boot is great for off-road riding, and it has a mid-height cuff that sits about 2 inches above the ankle. The O’Neal Men’s New Logo Rider Boot is made of microfiber and features a molded plastic plate on the sole to protect from rocks or other debris. It also comes with a ratchet closure system, which means you can easily adjust the fit using one hand. This boot has a fully adjustable four-buckle closure system for maximum support, comfort, and mobility on your bike.

Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro

The Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro is a great all-around boot for trail riders who do more than just ride on the trails. These boots are able to handle everything from motocross to adventure riding and dual sport, making them versatile enough for most riders.

They’re also great if you like to get into the dirt, mud, and rain—the Tech 7 Enduros are waterproof so they’ll keep your feet dry even in wet conditions.

Gaerne SG-12

  • Superior protection.
  • Great comfort.
  • Multiple color options to choose from.
  • Fits true to size.

The Gaerne SG-12 is a fantastic option for riders looking for an aggressive dirt bike boot that can stand up to the demands of trail riding while still offering great comfort and protection. The mid-height ankle design offers excellent abrasion resistance, while the reinforced upper helps prevent tears and rips during high speed impacts with rocks or branches on the trail.

It also comes in seven different colorways so you can customize your look when you’re out riding on your favorite trails! The SG-12 is only available in 1 size (39), but fortunately it fits true to size, so no need for sizing up or down if you normally wear a men’s 9 shoe like me!

There are only a few cons worth mentioning: price being one, as these boots do cost more than some other models on this list; weight being another (they’re heavier than some of the other models we tested).

However these cons shouldn’t deter anyone from buying these because they offer an amazing amount of performance for such little money; just be aware that there are better options out there if you don’t mind spending more cash!

Fox Comp 8

The new outsole design is a significant upgrade from the 5th generation. It features an updated instep guard with a tapered shape that provides more support and protection while riding, while still allowing the boot to flex in the right spots. The ankle closure is secure and comfortable, but it can be hard to get on and off quickly. The shin plate buckle system has also been improved over previous generations—it’s easier to use, especially when your hands are cold or wet.

The mesh panels keep your feet feeling cool even when you’re riding hard in hot weather. The sole isn’t as stiff as some other boots on this list but it’s still very durable and grippy on most surfaces (except mud).

Sidi Crossfire TA SR

The Sidi Crossfire TA SR boots are made from a combination of microfiber and Lorica. The outer material is very durable and cleans easily, which is key if you plan on riding in wet conditions or encountering dirt on your trail rides.

The Teflon-coated nylon sole is completely waterproof, so you won’t have any issues with water seeping into your boot as you ride through puddles or streams. It also has excellent traction on both wet surfaces and dry ones like mud or gravel. This makes it easy to control how much pressure you apply to the pedals while riding off-road bikes.

The inner sole has a nylon arch support pad, but this can be removed if it isn’t comfortable for your foot shape (or if it’s just not needed).

Dainese Trail Skins 2 D-Dry Pants

The Dainese Trail Skins 2 D-Dry Pants are a great option for trail riders who want to keep their legs covered. The pants feature a durable fabric that will protect you from scratches and thorns, but it also breathes well so you won’t overheat when it’s warm out. They have adjustable waist straps to help keep them in place when riding, and they come in different sizes so you can find the fit that works best for your body type.

The only issues with these pants is that they don’t have any built-in protection or ventilation—if you’re looking for something more technical, we recommend checking out our other recommendations above first before considering these ones!

Thor Prime Pro Pants

Next up, we’re looking at the Thor Prime Pro Pants. These are a great pair of pants for those who want to go fast and take some risks. The 600D polyester material will hold up to all kinds of abuse, but it also stretches easily when you need more flexibility or mobility. This makes them perfect for riding on challenging trails or over rocky terrain.

The inner knee panels are microfiber lined, which means they won’t stick together when you ride in wet conditions—and they’re also very easy to clean off after any spills! Additionally, the pre-curved 600D construction makes these pants feel less bulky than other pairs of pants designed for trail riding; this is especially noticeable around your legs where there will be plenty of movement during your journey through nature’s backcountry trails.

The new waist adjustment system has been improved so that it won’t pull apart and cause discomfort while you’re out having fun with friends on their dirt bikes too! The ratchet style closure system provides increased comfort by eliminating pressure points caused by tight clasps at certain areas around your waistline while still maintaining its ability not slip while being worn throughout time spent on tough terrains like sand dunes or rocky hillsides (which may require urgent removal).

Check out some of the best dirt bike boots for trail riding in 2022

If you’re looking for a pair of boots that can do it all, the Alpinestars Tech-10 is what you need. It’s a versatile boot that works well for motocross and off-road riding, but also works well as an everyday work or casual shoe. The Tech-10 comes in three versions:

  • The Tech 10 GTX/X is a street motorcycle shoe with a Gore-Tex membrane and some weatherproofing features. It offers excellent protection against water, mud and debris but isn’t quite as protective as some other options on this list.
  • The Tech 10 WP is an extremely lightweight construction built around Alpinestars’ proprietary Drystar technology to provide breathability while keeping your feet safe from rain and snow if your ride takes you out into inclement weather conditions where you might encounter precipitation on the trail or road ahead of time (which makes these boots ideal for winter rides).
  • And lastly there’s the Rival MTB version which has been designed with trail riders in mind; it’s slightly heavier than its counterpart above yet still offers sufficient protection from sharp objects like rocks while being light enough not to feel heavy after hours of pedaling through terrain so rocky that most people would give up long before reaching their destination!

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