Document Sharing on GB WhatsApp: A Comprehensive Guide

In the world of instant messaging, GB WhatsApp has gained significant attention as a modified version of WhatsApp that offers extended features and customization options. Among the questions that arise from users exploring this alternative messaging platform is whether GB WhatsApp supports document sharing. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide detailed insights into document sharing capabilities on GB WhatsApp, ensuring you have all the information you need.

Introduction to GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is a popular alternative to the official WhatsApp application, known for its additional features and customization options. While GB WhatsApp offers a range of enhancements, it’s important to be aware that its use may violate WhatsApp’s terms of service, and users should exercise caution.

Document Sharing on GB WhatsApp

Supported File Types

GB WhatsApp supports the sharing of various file types, including but not limited to:

  • PDF: You can easily share PDF documents through GB WhatsApp.
  • Word Documents: Word files, typically with the .doc or .docx extension, can be shared.
  • Excel Spreadsheets: GB WhatsApp enables you to share Excel files, commonly saved with .xls or .xlsx extensions.
  • PowerPoint Presentations: Share your presentations in PowerPoint format (.ppt or .pptx).
  • Text Files: Share plain text files with ease.
  • Images and Videos: In addition to documents, you can also share images and videos through GB WhatsApp.

How to Share Documents on GB WhatsApp

Sharing documents on GB WhatsApp is straightforward:

  1. Open the chat where you want to share the document.
  2. Tap on the attachment icon, typically represented by a paperclip.
  3. Select “Document” from the options presented.
  4. Browse your device’s storage to locate and select the document you wish to share.
  5. Once selected, confirm by tapping the “Send” button.

Document Size Limitations

It’s important to note that there are limitations to the size of documents you can share on GB WhatsApp. The maximum file size allowed for document sharing may vary, but it is typically around 100 MB. Larger files may need to be shared through alternative means, such as cloud storage services.

Document Viewing

Recipients of the shared document can view it directly within the chat. GB WhatsApp provides a viewer for various document types, ensuring a seamless experience for both senders and recipients.


GB WhatsApp supports document sharing, allowing users to share a wide range of file types with ease. Whether you need to send a PDF, a Word document, or any other supported file, GB WhatsApp provides a convenient platform for document exchange.

However, it’s crucial to exercise caution when using modified versions of messaging apps like GB WhatsApp, as they may have legal and security implications. Users should consider the risks and implications before opting for such alternatives.

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