How to keep your pointy toe shoes from bending

How to keep your pointy toe shoes from bending

When you wear pointy toe shoes, they tend to bend at the toe from all the walking you do in them, and then they don’t fit as well as they used to. This is the story of how I learned how to keep my pointy toe shoes from bending (and eventually falling apart). I hope this helps you avoid my mistake and extend the life of your expensive shoes!

Store them upright

Pointy-toe heels (and pumps in general) tend to lose their shape over time. To prevent yours from going limp, store them standing up with a heel protector (the cardboard thing you find in shoe boxes). If you’re storing heels outside of their box, use rolled up newspaper between each pair. Whatever method you choose, protect your shoes by keeping them away from moisture, heat and strong odors. Oh and be sure to regularly rotate them: You wouldn’t want one shoe getting all of its air while another foot gets none! Doing so will help slow down how quickly they go flat; swap every 6 months or so is good practice. Also make sure they’re free of dust before storage.

Use shoe trees or canvas bags

Shoes bend in many ways, but it’s difficult for them to get back. Make sure you use a shoe tree or canvas bag (or both) after every wear. Shoes that aren’t stored in these cases will eventually begin to lose their shape and become misshapen. It might not be immediately noticeable, but over time—and particularly if it’s pointed-toe footwear—the shoe won’t be able to go back to its original shape.

Wear Them Only When Needed

The best way to prevent a shoe from bending is by wearing it only when needed. If you’re concerned about what your feet look like, wear them around in private or with other people that care little about how they look. To help things along, consider having two pairs of shoes—one pair for daily wear and one pair for special occasions. Just don’t let anyone else see you wearing both pair of shoes at once!

Turn Them Upside Down After Every Wear

Pointy toe heels can go from sexy to scary really quickly. To preserve their new-shoe shape, it’s important that you turn them upside down after every wear and store them on their side. While they’re in storage, try not to stack a bunch of other stuff on top of them. And when you do decide to pull out those shoes for another date night or party, allow yourself a few minutes of break-in time before wearing them around town—as soon as you slide your foot into them, give ‘em a little flexing and moving around so they can stretch back out just right.

Avoid Heat, Moisture, and Excessive Weight

If you’re not careful, all three of these can wreak havoc on your favorite pair of Pointe Shoes. Prolonged exposure to heat and moisture can cause soles to delaminate and Pointe Shoes can easily become over-stuffed if they aren’t regularly cleaned out. It is a good idea to rotate between pairs, so no one pair is worn for a very long time. Finally, be careful about how much weight you put in them! The shank should offer just enough support for your feet—if it has too much give, it won’t hold its shape over time. Keep that in mind when adding things like thick pads or gel insoles.

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