how to make a shoe in little alchemy?

how to make a shoe in little alchemy?

The shoe is one of the most popular items in Little Alchemy, and to make it you need to know the following recipes.

Making shoes in Little Alchemy is one of the more advanced creations in this game and can be one of the most annoying to make. Here are two methods on how to make it, along with why making it can be so frustrating at times. Let’s begin!

learn about the machines

In order to make a new item, you must first find out what ingredients are needed and know how to create them. In Little Alchemy, there are nine different machines that each offer one ingredient (or sometimes more). Before you can use these machines, you have to unlock them through research. You earn experience points by creating new items in Little Alchemy. As your level increases, so do your chances of succeeding at making an item successfully increase.

check for mats you have

mats are very helpful in your game, but you will probably find yourself with more than what you can use at once. If that’s happened, consider storing any extra mats you have, so they don’t go to waste. Visit any of your houses and bring up your storage menu by pressing Start. From there, select Store Item and pick an empty space. Now drag any extra mats into it; when you’re done filling it up, a message will appear saying how many spaces remain for storing items.

check your inventory

once you have ore, wood, and other ingredients for making a shoe, check your inventory. It is best to use up as much of your inventory as possible, because if you run out of ore or wood and try to make another item with it instead of a shoe you will be given an error message saying that it can’t be done. In addition, if you choose to go back into your inventory at any time while working on any item then once you exit it again all progress made on that item will reset.

get copper and leather from the mine

Copper and leather are essential ingredients for creating new shoes. Before heading down into your mines, you’ll need to create a mold for your shoe. Once you have enough materials, head over to your home base (the apartment building where you started) and combine them all inside one of your available molds. Make sure that you don’t use any gems—they won’t be worth anything once they become part of your shoe!

make copper sandals

Copper Sandals (default shoes) require 1 Copper and 2 Leather, which is 3 coins. This is an easy early game item for when you don’t have enough coins for more advanced products. It is slightly less durable than other starting shoes, but it’s just as cheap.

put copper into craft table

1 copper bar -> 2 copper -> 1 copper ingot => 1 copper + zinc: 1 copper + saltpeter: 1 copper + potassium nitrate: 1 copper + lime when it comes to tinkering with a gun in a crafting table, it takes 1 witherite clay to make a witherite ingot, 3 bullets to make 3 fuse cord, 4 nails to make 4 stick, and 1 leather shoe to make 4 stick. The bronze and iron use this method only. More recipes coming soon!

put sandals into crafting area

go down (press d-pad) from crafting menu:put sandals into crafting area:go down (press d-pad) from crafting menu:(left click on lower potion) then(left click on second potion):then you will have sandals for free.

create desired design for shoe on design table

once you have come up with your design for your shoes go to Design table and click on button next to finish . once you do it will show up on screen. once that is done move on. If you want check other designs of shoes click here.

add leather to shoes

To add leather to shoes, you need leather. Head into town and find some leather in one of its stores (there’s usually plenty available). Take it back and create your new, improved shoes! Note: Unlike other materials, if you have multiple pieces of leather you can use them all at once. This is especially helpful early on when resources are scarce.

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